Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

2 whooping cranes white birds with black wingtips

2 whooping cranes white birds with black wingtips

Nearby Wheeler Wildlife Refuge off of the Beltline in Decatur and a great place to see bunches of sandhill cranes, ducks and other wildfowl.  Occasionally one may see some of the whooping cranes on the refuge.   The refuge has a very nice observation building for viewing and photographing.  For more serious birders an observation blind may be reserved.  Brian, a photographer friend of mine and I went the first mild Saturday in January fourth.  We were able to see three whooping cranes while there.

Check out my blog post on GRIT magazine please.

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2 Responses to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

  1. Interesting bird the Sandhill Crane. There maybe a fossil record going back 10 million years but this is disputed. The oldest unequivocal Sandhill Crane fossil is 2.5 million years old which is over one and a half times older than the earliest remains of most living species of birds.
    Great pictures. Thanks

    • Thank you very much for visiting and commenting.. Interesting information. I hope to see them in our area soon. I saw one staying with around 100 giant egrets at the birding site at Leighton.

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