Hazards of flower photography

Levi the hammm......

Taking close up shots of flowers does involve some hazards. One of the biggest nuisances I have is while trying to take pictures of butterflies. You chase one around for a while and finally it decides to light and you finally get the angle you want. Just about the  time you get ready to press the button one of the dogs decides that the butterfly is going to attack you and bites at it, or all 3 decides to stampede through scaring it off. Other times it’s either a nose under your arm or pawing at the time the picture is snapped which results in a sky or ground picture. If you pet that one the other two jealous dogs also have to have attention and a tussle between them results with you sitting on the ground and all 3 on top of you. Whenever Levi sees my camera he bugs me until I take his picture then he goes off. He’s such a ham.

Oh course you have the bugs to contend with. I have several re-blooming iris which Harvest of Memories with a BIG praying mantisbloom in the spring and again in late September to October.  The fall bloom season seems to last   longer blooming than the spring one. They are usually still blooming when frost hits. This past week I was taking pictures of one iris called Harvest of Memories when all of a sudden I had claws coming across the view finder. A huge praying mantis decided that the camera lens was a good place to hang out while hunting for bugs. After calming down I placed him on the iris bloom and got a picture of it.

Then there are the long crawling things such as Fred.  Fred is a very large what we in the south call a chicken snake. Fred has lived under my house for several years feasting on the colony of field mice I built my house over. Fred comes out from under the house by way of my central unit every once in a while to get some sunshine.  I first learn of Fred from the termite inspectors a year or so after building the house. They would come out from under the house talking about the huge snake skins they were finding. The first time I saw Fred was right after I got Patches. Patches had this thing about dragging sticks. She can’t pass by a stick picking it up and dragging it or putting it in my face while weeding.  I was working out in the yard one day and there was Fred all stretched out having a nice snooze in the sun. Fred snake after I almost stepped on himPatches saw this big stick and tried to pick it up in the middle and it was too limp and she couldn’t drag it well. Then she decided to drag the stick by the head end. Fred decided that he had enough and didn’t like the idea of being drug by his head and reared back flicking his tongue. Patches decided real fast she didn’t like that stick.

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2 Responses to Hazards of flower photography

  1. Hi there! I think that the dogs are the greater nuisance. Better to leave them indoors while photographing butterflies. Good shot of Levi, tho…

    Thanks from Ralph aka http://draaiorgelfan.wordpress.com.

    • Boy I can only imagine what they would do to my house trying to get back outside with me. They have to be near. I’m fairly new to WP and have been dismantling and rebuilding my blog. Hope you enjoy it.

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