Rosedale Gardens

Rosedale Dairy was my family dairy farm south of Tuscumbia.  After Dad died Mom sold the farm. I was able to purchase a little over 3 acres which I’m turning into an iris, daylily, peony and oriental lily farm and home to my three Border collie rescues. Thus the name Rosedale Gardens.

My occupation  mild manner Clinical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor by  day and mad gardener by afternoons and weekends.

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7 Responses to Rosedale Gardens

  1. shoalswriter says:

    Mary, welcome to the blogosphere! So glad you’ve joined in. Can’t wait to see you post some of your lovely photos and tell us more about your gardening adventures. Good luck!

  2. Terri MulQueeny-Stern says:

    Bravo! So glad you are sharing your beautiful garden and dogs with the world wide web population!–Terri M-S

  3. Mar says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mary, moving up in technology huh LOL!!! Love the name and all the pictures you took for prospects on your calendar. Good Luck Mar & Rudy

  4. Donna says:

    Oh how cool Mary! Where do you find the time and energy for all you do?????

    As an adult I have such appreciation for Mrs. Cook and knew exactly who you were talking about in your blog(: She was ahead of her time.

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