What was she into?

Ringer’s Garage doors came this afternoon to see what they needed in order to replace a damage bottom door panel on the barn. How it got damaged is a story for later. After he left Patches was near the neighbor’s fence as they were trying to catch their horse. It was obvious she didn’t want to be caught.  With the underground fence Patches could only bark and get into the chase on her side of the fence. One good thing about the fence, she doesn’t come back green as she used to before I installed the fence. Levi has clinging closely as he was afraid of the shotgun blasts coming from the corn field in the bottom.  Trying to change the light bulb on one of the garage lanterns he kept getting stepped on with each trip down the ladder. Blackie where was Blackie?  I kept calling and calling; went around to the front of the house to see if she was on the front porch, walked down to the bottom and couldn’t find her. Then my mind went into over drive.  I hadn’t seen her since the service truck left and she was chasing it down the driveway. I imagined her being drug down the road caught on the bumper.  Then a voice of reason hit, I had gone in the house to look at a fax the hospital had sent.  When I opened the door she’s standing there looking at me like duh I can’t come if you have me locked in.  Somehow she shot inside while I was coming out.  So far I haven’t found anything she’s gotten into. I really expected the garage can to be scattered across the kitchen floor, but it wasn’t so what was she into all that time?

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