Where is that smell coming from?

Monday I had picked up a truck load of pine needles on the way home from work. I unloaded it in a large shrubbery bed in the front yard intending to spread it later.  This morning after we had freezing temperatures during the night, I found all three of the dogs nestled in the pile.  As I walked to the road to pick up the paper Patches and Blackie came to greet me. Levi sat up and looked but didn’t leave his bed even as I drove down the road.  There was a horrible odor in the air and I thought the paper mill was blowing to the west again.  Only it really didn’t smell like the paper mill, it was coming from my hands. I had some wet ones in the truck I use when pumping gas, but after two of them I could still smell it. After I got to work, I washed my hands again several times complaining to my coworkers that my dogs have gotten into something dead. I found the answer this afternoon.  I use organic methods as much as possible.  I had put some Japanese beetle traps up during the spring.  One of the traps had fallen and broke open and of course the dogs had found it. After the beetles die in these traps, it’s a big time stink, worse than road kill.  For some reason dogs love stinky and the stinker the better. These traps attract a lot of beetles, a lot more than if I used a spray.  The trick to using them is put them uphill from whatever you are trying to protect.  This is my third year to use them and each year I see fewer and fewer numbers of the little green varmints.

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