Reblooming iris

I still have a few re-blooming iris and daylilies in bloom With the frost last night and expected again tonight, the remaining blooms probably won’t open. With the mild temperatures this weekend, it’ll be a good time to weed & mulch to protect the plants through winter. After weeding I put down a layer of 6-8 pages of newspapers and then put 3-4 inches of mulch on top of the newspapers. I’ve been working on a new bed and the newspapers at the bottom of the box where from the summer of 2008. It was interesting reading some of the headlines and wondering what later happened to the subjects in the stories.With my 3 I can expect to have some of the papers pulled out from under the mulch. I like to use rotten sawdust which you can get from a lumber company for a delivery charge on areas away from the house. Beds around the house I like pine needles. It just looks more viewer friendly. Wood chips from the power company is used in walking paths.

Uneventful day with the dogs. They’ll make up for it later I’m sure. The snake story from Friday reminded of the time right after I got Patches. She loved to carry sticks or limbs around while we worked in the yard. One day Fred the 7 ft rat snake who lives under the house decided to come out and catch some sun. Patches apparently hadn’t seen a snake before and saw Fred, she put down the puny stick she had and tried to pick Fred up in the middle but he was too limp. She then decided to drag the stick by the end and tried to pick Fred up by the head. At this point Fred decided he was finished playing and coiled up ready to strike. Patches decided that she really didn’t want that big stick after all.

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