Hard Winter coming?

We must be due to a hard winter.  I have a large number of mice coming in the garage looking for a place to overwinter. When I open the door in the morning Blackie shoots in, looking up at me and runs straight by. First things first she has to see if any more mice (or snakes) have come in. After she checks that out then she comes to get petted. She has two missions in life protecting me and getting rid of critters. When working in the yard, she follows me everywhere.  However, if she is hunting for mice in the garden, Levi is close by watching my every move. When she comes back he’ll go off somewhere and snooze.

With the frost we had a few weeks back and all the rain, weeding has been easy.  I didn’t get to mulch many of my beds last fall and the beds had gotten to the point with all the rain that you couldn’t see the flowers from the grass.  I plan to dig and divide 10 yr old peonies tomorrow. They don’t like dividing and moving and usually don’t bloom the next year.

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