Garage door repairs

Ringers garage door guy came out to work on the door on the house that kept falling out of the track and on my truck and replace the panel on the one I damaged on the barn (Story later maybe). They installed braces on all 4 doors to cut down the wobbling going up and down and new pulleys on the falling one. I unlocked the house put things up and came back out to inspect the work, went to the road to pick up the mail and opened the door and out comes Blackie. She’d snucked in again without me seeing her. This time she’d hit the garage can. I had some left over smoked ribs I had made earlier and discarded the bones in the garbage. Every time I got near her trying to get the bone back she took off for the hills. I don’t give my bones to the dogs as I have a friend who lost a dog feeding it a rib bone. With the change back to standard time, there’s not a whole lot of daylight to do much gardening. I didn’t get a chance to see if I need to replant the daffs again.

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