I’ve had trouble getting up and out the door this week. I blamed it on the time change. This morning Levi was sound asleep on the front porch. He didn’t hear me come out of the house, get in my truck & drive down the road. I’ve never seen a dog that sleeps so soundly, it’s like he’s in a trance with his eyes opened. You can talk to him & he doesn’t hear you; finally I have to shake him to see if he’s still living. I stopped in at my friends house with 20 plus rescues to drop off some papers and not one peep.  I came home to one of the concrete planters sitting in a large hole as a result of a mouse hunt. So many carcasses are scattered in the garden you have to do the cowboy 2 step walking around. They haven’t tore the downspout off the house lately, so I guess I’m lucky the mice are being eliminated without too much damage. When doing plantings with hooligans like  mine you have to respect their running paths. Find out where they roam and avoid planting in the paths or else you have toothpicks left instead of shrubs.Occasionally you still have a newly planted shrub pulled up and eaten.

I have a calendar of my flowers I did as a fundraiser for equipment at the hospital I work at.  One of the display ones was borrowed from the Histology Supervisors office.  I’m not sure whether to be mad or flattered that my work was impressive enough to steal.

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