Woke up early this morning. Two dogs in the front holed up in pine needles, one on the front porch, and another black dog in the garden.  Just what I need is another dog. Well it was very foggy, & I hadn’t had my coffee yet. After two cups of coffee and the sun burned the fog off I realized it was just a pile of rotten chips that looked like a black dog. The loader is really coming in handy and saving a lot of wear and tear on my back which I had surgery on at 21. I just drive up to my bagged stuff and roll it into the bucket, carry to where I need it and dump.  They are now making riding mower sized tractors with front end loaders.  I hauled a lot of composted manure and dug up daylilies that a so called landscaper I hired last winter planted too deep and without planting mix. I separated and replanted after digging in the manure, and composted leaves. Two old large screwdrivers come in handy to separate the fans.  Of course I had help with face & ear licks and pawing, and checking for mice. One irritating trait about Border collies is the pawing at you to get attention. Levi was laying close by chewing on something. I didn’t pay attention to what he had until I saw a reflection. It was a buckle with a little strap of leather in it. I remember back to the time my brother swallowed a buckle that was on one of his shoes and almost choked to death before it was pulled out.  I also replanted an azalea that the dogs had knocked out of the ground earlier in the summer, again due to improper planting by the landscaper. I thought it was dead, but put it in a 3 gallon container and watered it well daily. Eventually it started leaving back out.  After wards I got the mower out and picked up leaves and mulched heavily trying to hide everything from the dogs. They love nothing better than to help me un-plant what I just planted. I was told that they are just trying to get near my scent when I’m not at home.  Winter grasses just starting to come up. I like to use a stirrup hoe that has a cutting edge on each side which cuts just under the top of the soil and doesn’t bring other weed seeds to the surface to germinate.

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