Border collies are helpful that way

Now is the time to plant daffodils in the area. I divided a large clump of Snowbird daffs, a large double white a few weeks back.  I’ve been redoing a bed at the end of the house and picked up a load of planting mix at Little Cypress Natives to finish it up to the height of a castlerock wall I had built. First I needed to get the Snowbirds in the ground. Down on all fours, I had Levi under one armpit and Patches under the other, both trying to lick me in the face while I was planting. Blackie was looking for a mouse in every hole dug. She had already found one elsewhere and left me a present on the driveway that I didn’t find until it was pancaked by my truck.

After planting the daffs, I shoveled a very large truckload of planting mix on top of the dogs and into the shrubbery bed. Since I had worked so hard, a cup of orange sherbet vanilla swirl sounded like a great idea for lunch. Afterwards I finally got to try out my new tractor and loader making paths in my former vegetable garden.  With each load of chips dropped the dogs had to check it for mice and lizards.   One thing missing on the new tractor is a horn.  With my three the horn on the Yanmar gets used frequently to the point of overheating. Sawdust was hauled and forked off to mulch the beds weeded earlier in the week.  I used newspapers as a weed barrier under the sawdust. A strong wind kept taking off with the newspapers and of course the dogs had to check out every forkful.

That night as I was closing the blinds on one of the front windows, I noticed my 3 dogs playing thug of war with a composted cow manure plastic bag.  Worried that they would ether eat it or scattered bits all over the yard, so I turned the alarm off and went outside and threw it in the trash.  I thought I had just forgotten to throw away the one I emptied earlier.  The next morning it was dark when I left for work, and everything seemed normal.  However when I got home in the middle of the driveway was the contents of the 40 pound bag.  They had drug it from the flower bed where I intended to use it.  They were complaining they wanted to eat, but I made them wait until I have shoveled and brushed it all back to the flower bed where it need to go in the first place.  The rest of the afternoon was spent replanting half of the daffodils planted the preceding afternoon.  Border collies are very helpful that way.

The night of the compost races, my neighbor caught some one parking in their driveway and dogs weren’t barking at them.  Usually they watch over all houses on our road and will let you know when some one is around, especially at Mom’s.  I guess they were too tired from dragging 40 pounds down the drive.

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