We had a couple of brown outs last night. This morning when I got ready to go to work, all dogs where MIA.  I walked out to the road to pick up my newspaper and noticed a black dog about a quarter mile down the road. Blackie saw me and came running back home and ran down the side yard and around the back of the house and then up the driveway to me.  Maybe she thought I wouldn’t notice she had been out and wanted to sneak back home. When I checked the underground fence, the safety outlet was tripped probably from the brown outs.  If Levi and Patches were still out they wouldn’t be able to get back in.  I drove down the road to the area I had seen Blackie. Patches and Levi were visiting the horses and both had a greenish coloration. They both followed me home on the inside of the fence and tried to take the same path back in that Blackie had taken. Since the fence was now back on they couldn’t sneak in.  I turned the fence back off and called them back around to the road and to the driveway. I grabbed Levi’s collar and thinking the fence was still on, he was back peddling while I tried to pull him over the boundary wire. Patches took a little longer to get back in. She would let me touch her nose, but the collar was off limits. Finally everyone was in and I turned the fence back on and left for work 35 minutes late.

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