Missing mouse traps

Levi was out this morning and couldn’t get back in the yard. One issue with an underground fence is that other dogs or coyotes can cross over into the yard.  I don’t know if he chased after something over the wire or if something chased him over. After letting him back in he slept under a tree at the end of the drive and didn’t move all day except when time to eat this afternoon.  Blackie has been chasing a mouse around my tractor and finishing mower for several days without luck. I put a mouse trap out and checked it this morning. The trap has disappeared.  I don’t know if a mouse was caught and the dogs took off with trap and all or one got a nose in it and got caught and ran outside with it. This afternoon while I was filling in the paths in the garden with wood chips from the power company, Blackie and Patches were busy digging after mice and managed to dig up one of my 10 yr old asparagus plants. I need to cover them with composted manure and mulch well before next spring. I didn’t get around to it last winter and the canes weren’t as plentiful or as large as the year before.

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