Daddy long legs

Several of my re-blooming iris such as Harvest of Memories, Clarence and Earl of Essex are in full bloom. With the cold weather coming Thanksgiving they’ll soon be gone. I spent most of the day yesterday making paths through my former vegetable gardens wood chips from the power company.  Several pairs of bluebirds are still picking through the chips picking out bugs today.  They are beautiful birds that I didn’t see a lot in the area while growing up. Twenty years ago I put up several boxes around the farm. Today they are very numerous along with Chickadees who also like to use the boxes also. Gold finches and Indigo bunting are plentiful as a result of coneflower, coreopsis and sunflower patches around the property. Bluebird boxes should be placed 75 ft apart in a south facing open area. I put all of my boxes on steel posts after a snake crawled in one and ate the babies.  Levi had a rough weekend. This afternoon when I went out to the barn to feed the dogs, a daddy long legs was on the door frame. I flicked it off and it landed on Levi’s nose.  He likes daddy long legs as much as snakes.

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