This is my first year to grow bananas. I cut the banana trees down, covered it with plastic to prevent water from getting in the root bulb and covered the whole thing with rotten sawdust. From the research I did, there are two ways to overwinter, dig up the whole tree leaving one or two leaves and place the plant under a crawl space or a garage for the winter or cut down like I did. The advantage to digging up the tree is that it will produce fruit the next year. My tree had several large shoots and many babies and was too large and heavy for me to dig up. Covering with plastic prevents water from getting in the cuts and rotting the bulbs.
One gardening job I totally dislike is cleaning up tomato cages. I have a couple of dozen cages that I made over 10 years ago from construction wire. I grow only heirloom tomatoes that get very tall and construction wire cages hold up to the weight and height of the plants. A roll of wire is on the expensive side, but they hold up for years. The only damage I’ve had is when the neighbors’ horses got out and ran over the stack one night. I store the cages near one of my compost box made from recycled concrete blocks. I drag the cages to the box, clean and toss into the box and stack them near by for next year. While cleaning up, Levi was nearby and the only time he moved was to turn in the direction I was working. Patches and Blackie were busy looking for mice. I switched foods a few months ago to one which has glucosamine and chrondroitin. Patches already arthritic due to her previous owner’s beating has turned back into the puppy stage again, running and playing and hunting field mice. While I was busy mowing off the garden, they dug up one side of a blueberry bush and another yr old asparagus root. In a low area in the garden I planted several Japanese iris in my U of North Alabama area. Unlike the tall bearded, these plants like wet feet. In a higher area I planted several Lilium bulbs. I’ve been doing theme areas in my garden. On one side of the driveway is my Deshler, area, cardinal and white plants or plants with cat names. On the other side is my Auburn area. Across from the garage is my All American area. Down from the driveway is my people, places and movie theme area. And NO there won’t be a UA area.

Last night as I was closing the blinds on one of the front windows, I noticed my 3 dogs playing thug of war with a composted cow manure plastic bag.  Worried that they would ether eat it or scattered bits all over the yard, I turned the alarm off and went outside and threw it in the trash.  I thought I had just forgotten to throw away the one I emptied earlier.  This morning it was dark when I left for work, and everything seemed normal.  However when I got home in the middle of the driveway was the contents of the 40 pound bag.  They had drug it from the flower bed where I intended to use it.  They were complaining they wanted to eat, but I made them wait until I have shoveled and brushed it all back to the flower bed where it need to go in the first place.  Later that night my neighbor caught some one parking in their driveway and dogs weren’t barking at them.  Usually they watch over all houses on our road and will let you know when some one is around.  I guess they were too tired from dragging 40 pounds down the drive.

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