Cheshire cat

One of my neighbors has a large black and white cat named Noah.  Noah is not saintly be any means. His daily routine consists of walking in front of the house down to the creek and sitting just on the other side of the underground fence. He some how knows that the dogs can’t get him and he just sits there grinning at the dogs like a Cheshire cat.  Oh course the dogs are having a fit getting as close to the fence as the collars will allow.  I hesitated to install the fence as Border collies are smart enough to out wit the fence. After consulting with the fence company I decided to install an underground fence that had 5 strength settings in both the fence and collars around the whole property.  Both fence and collar are  set to the highest settings. The collar will start vibrating within 10 feet of the wire and if will shock if closer transgression occurs.  I had used the fence for about a year before getting Levi and after getting him put the boundary flags back up and walked him around several times on a leash to show him the boundaries. Training was working smoothly until Noah showed up on the creek bank.  Levi spied Noah and got too close too to the wire and was shocked. Instead of running back toward me he headed back to the house running along the path of the underground fence.  It took about 6 months to convince him he could leave the area around the house.  The fence works great until a groundhog or someone gets too close over an exposed area with the tractor and mower or the battery in the collar goes dead.  My dogs are constantly testing the fence to see if it is working. They know that if it doesn’t vibrate, it’s jail break time.

Patches was out this morning.  She knows the minute her collar is dead as she constantly is testing it.  No vibration and she are out.  Maybe it wasn’t the tractor the other day interfering with the signal.  She didn’t think I had seen her as she tried sneaking in the back way in the dark of the early morn.  I was late for work and didn’t have time to change the battery and check that the fence was still working.  After getting home, I put a leash on her and tied her up while replacing the battery and testing it.  After putting back on the collar she just kept sitting there staring at me like she was disgusted.  I learned the hard way if you take the collar off, she’s not coming back anywhere near you to get it back on.  She knows that the collar is to keep her in, and you’re not going to put it back on.   I had to call Mom to catch her the last time I took it off without tying her up.

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