Jail break

I took a day off from work as cold weather is coming in order to get a few hundred potted plants winterized with sawdust mulch.  Noah the cat next door kept teasing the dogs on the other side of the underground fence again. He just lays there with a Cheshire face grinning at the dogs. If the dogs are in the  front yard he is in the field across the road.  After Patches was shocked several times & jumped Levi because she was mad, I decided to chase Noah off and yelled at him to go home.  It was the only encouragement Blackie needed to break out & chase him across the field.  Noah lost his Cheshire face real fast. I had to get the truck out & chase after her across the field on the other side of the creek.

Apparently my tractor is canceling out the signal from the underground fence whenever it is near.  Patches has discovered it and the last two days I have been mulching my azaleas and potted plants along the creek she has gotten out.  After I moved the tractor she couldn’t get back in when called for supper.

The next morning Patches was out. She knows the minute her collar is dead as she constantly is testing it.  No vibration and she’s out.  Maybe it wasn’t the tractor the other day interfering with the signal.  She didn’t think I had seen her as she tried sneaking in the back way in the dark of the early morn.  I was late for work and didn’t have time to change the battery and check that the fence was still working.  After getting home, I put a leash on her and tied her up while replacing the battery and testing it.  After putting back on the collar she just kept sitting there staring at me like she was disgusted.  I learned the hard way if you take the collar off, she’s not coming back anywhere near you to get it back on.  She knows that the collar is to keep her in, and you’re not going to put it back on.   I had to call Mom to catch her the last time I took it off without tying her up.

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