New Year’s resolutions

I usually resolve not to make resolutions as I usually don’t keep them. But this year, I resolve to get my garden organized into theme areas, such as Born in the USA, Deshler High School, University of North Alabama, Auburn University and song-and-dance and movie themes. And, no, there won’t be an area for that place in Tuscaloosa. I have a good start on this resolution since I bought a tractor with loader recently. I also would like to start on a children’s book about some of the antics my three rescued Border collies are getting into. Some of their stories appear on my blog. I would also like to have the time to organize my blog into a manageable format.

I resolve not to buy any more plants until I get the 200 plus pots that took a week to get mulched planted in the ground. However, I know I can’t keep this resolution.

Twenty three days into the new year I broke the second resolution. I found a fern, oriental lily and peony I had lost during the 2007-8 droughts, so I had to replace them. I potted all up and have them in the greenhouse waiting for spring.  I think 23 days is a record though.

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