banana tree overwintering

Temps were supposed to be in the high fifties today. The rain started earlier than predicted and ruined the day’s plan of burning a pile of trees and brush between my house and the branch.  For those of you who don’t know the difference,  a branch is a big ditch running to a creek that is usually dry except during heavy rains.

I planted a banana tree this spring. Apparently it really liked the spot I had planted it as it grew to around twelve feet tall.  Several years ago I made a raised bed for my blueberries along the east side of the garden with composted wood chips and manure.  Since the tree was too large to dig up and store, I cut it down to half a foot high right after the first frost.  The research I had done recommended cutting down and covering with plastic and mulching well which I did with a couple of feet of sawdust.  The plastic prevents water from getting into the corn and rotting it.  Apparently my large mound was too good to pass up for my 3 hooligans.  As I walked by the mound on my way to the rain gauge I noticed the middle of the hill was dug up and little pieces of plastic were scattered all around the mound.

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2 Responses to banana tree overwintering

  1. fred says:

    i like the hummingbird

  2. Thanks, I finally was able to catch one up close with my new camera. With the manual one they were gone by the time I got it adjusted and clicked.

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