You’ve been cheating

When you come home your dogs know if you’ve been around other dogs while you were away.  Levi and Patches usually jump up on the running boards and hog the door way while Blackie looks under the door barking because she can’t get to me. On days when I’ve made a stop at a friend’s house and played with another dog, it’s not the mad rush to get petted when the door opens. Rather when the door opens they stop short of jumping on the running boards and give me the “you’ve been cheating on us” look and have to smell the scent of the other cheater on my clothes.

Somehow I missed lunch today and left late getting ready for a big computer upgrade at the hospital in the morning. As I got close to home, I noticed two lab and boxer mix puppies in the road eating a food wrapper some one had discarded.  I stopped and the skinny puppies ran back across the ditch into the horse pasture. I called them and one came to me and I put it in the back of my truck. I was able to get the second one to come to me and put it in the truck with the first. When I turned around, there was another. I managed to catch that one and put it in the truck, turned around and there was another, so the routine was repeated again until I had five puppies in the truck.  While I was doing this I could hear my three barking at me from the house. There was one more in the horse pasture and when I called her, she started barking at me. Finally I convinced her to come and joined her siblings in the truck.  I turned the truck around and stopped at the herding dog rescue my three came from to borrow a carrier to take them to the shelter. Before leaving for the shelter, Karen fed them a 5 pound sack of puppy food. One was rooting so hard in the bowl that it did a black flip over the bowl.

When I got back from the shelter, it was the “you’ve been cheating on us” smelling routine with Levi and Patches. Blackie wasn’t waiting on me to get out, and I found her smelling the back bumper and standing up trying to look over the tailgate. That got the other two smelling around the back of the truck and trying to get over the tailgate to see what I had in the back.  Finally I had to drop the tailgate so they could see that I hadn’t brought an interloper home with me.

The next afternoon I had to go through another round of what have you got in the back of the truck?  I had to drop the tail gate to prevent it from being scratched and show them that there weren’t other dogs in the bed.

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5 Responses to You’ve been cheating

  1. Pat Staley says:

    I am glad you got a new camera, you pictures are great and your other photography is excellant. I like your web site.

    Pat S

  2. Mar says:

    Hi Mary,

    Love the pictures on the blog versus the down load. Totally easier and not having to wait.

    64 degrees – we might see that in May, also like the other pictures with the background on each.

    Thanks for my wall coverings ..I’ll be swapping out flowers on my wall for new posted ones.

    Uncle George would love your flowers.

    take care love to you and Mom (I really need to call her)


    • Thanks Glad you enjoy them. It just doesn’t seem possible that Uncle George is gone.
      There’s a little dog running around that looks something like Kahlua. It was in my garden watching me until the 3 hooligans spotted it. I’m surprised the coyotes haven’t gotten it. Love you too. Mary

  3. Mirabelle says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to see your picture, it was a lovely walk aorund!..I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and would love to see it all in person! American gardens are so very different from the ones in the UK..

    loved all your irises!

    I shall visit again!


    • Well as some say in the South, glad you enjoyed it and ya’ll come back again. I’d like to visit UK and also Moate Ireland where some of my ancestors came from. It’s amazing how small the internet makes the world seem. Please come back again. Mary

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