Icy day boredom

Thursday and into Friday we received freezing rain and sleet. Instead of staying in the barn or shed attached to the barn they camped out on the front porch so they could check out what was going on. Judging by the amount of muddy mess on the porch and their frozen hair, they were very busy. When I got home from work Friday I couldn’t figure out why their hair looked so funny like some one has poured or poured lacquer on them. I found out when I petted them; their wet hair was frozen in icy spikes. One of my solar path lights was in the middle of the yard, and the metal end that fits over the plastic ground spike was chewed up. I haven’t found the ground spike yet. The solar light was still intact, so I can straighten out the shaft and put it over something else such as a piece of pcv pipe or rebar in order to use it again.

Blackie spent most of Saturday harassing and chasing birds at both feeders. They managed to empty all three feeders despite her. One of the hanging baskets was blown off of a pole hanger. It was brought or blown to the barn and had half of the plastic wires chewed off and a large split in the planter part. I placed it outside of the barn door was I could trash it when I went back to the house after feeding. Patches finished first and went outside while I was waiting for Blackie to finish her food. When I came out of the barn Patches had the basket by the handle running around the end of the house.

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