Go Eat!

Blackie Go EAT!

Feeding my three hooligans is an adventure each afternoon. Actually coming home is an adventure each day, but that’s a story for another day. I get home change clothes and come out of the door with the barn key and the excitement begins. My neighbor’s red heeler Sam has figured out what time I come home from work and is also there to greet me and stays for supper. Then he goes home and has supper again. My three especially Levi are his buddies until it comes to sharing their meal. Sam is not allowed in the barn, so he has a small bowl outside. Patches and Blackie have a bowl as far away from each other to prevent these two Alpha females from fighting. I keep a sweep broom handy for any fights that occur. It is narrow enough to get in between them and bump each back and forth quickly on the chest to separate them without getting bit. Levi likes to eat out of the wall feeder that I put food in when out of town. Patches and Levi are ready to eat. Blackie on the other hand has to chase birds away from the feeders and delays coming to the barn. So the first part of the feeding process is yelling for Blackie to come and eat. When she finally comes in she has to make the rounds several times around the Yanmar and finishing mower, then around the riding mower and around the John Deere checking for mice. I finally caught the little mouse that was running around under and around the equipment with Blackie in pursuit during feeding time. In the meantime I’m telling her to go eat. She takes a bit of food, takes it just outside the door, drops it on the ground, then eats, looks around outside, then makes the rounds again around all of the equipment. I’m yelling go eat and the process starts again. I have to sit and watch until everyone finishes eating. If I go outside to check on something or get water from them while the dogs are eating, Blackie has to follow me to make sure she’s not missing something. When I come back Patches is at Blackie’s bowl and if she hears us coming runs back to her bowl like she’s been at her bowl the whole time. Patches finishes first, then Levi and both come and lean on me while I sit there telling Blackie to go eat until she finishes and my feet are frozen.

On Saturday night Feb 13 Sam at age 2 years, ran in front of my neighbor’s son truck greeting him home.  I glad we got one last meal together that afternoon. He is missed each afternoon

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4 Responses to Go Eat!

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  2. I’m almost afraid to ask, but I’m going to ask what is the subject of your thesis?

  3. Best you should change the post title Go Eat! | Rosedale Gardens to something more suited for your blog post you create. I liked the post even sononetheless.

    • Most of my other posts has pictures of my flowers. We lost our red heeler friend Sam earlier and didn’t feel like talking gardening. My last post was about fringe trees. Glad you liked it.

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