One lost


Lost in the woods


I was riding around Colbert Heights Mountain taking fall foliage pictures and stopped at the new mini mart on the main drag to buy gas.  Across the street I noticed several trees wearing they best fall foliage colors, and in my viewfinder there was the house. I’m not sure how many times I’ve passed by this abandoned cabin over the years and never noticed it. Why was it abandoned and how long ago? A lot of businesses were shuttered when highway 43 and


cabin lost Feb 15, 2010 snowfall


72 were rerouted as a new 4 lanes back in the 60’s. It is slowly falling prey to the elements of

nature. I went back for

a winter season shot and part of the tin roof was peeled off by a storm.  I’m not sure it will remain standing for a spring and summer season pictures.


Sept 2010 cabin lost is being repaired.


I have an update on the cabin lost. This past September I drove up to Colbert Heights to get some gas for my lawn mower and some one is fixing up the cabin!!  So all is not lost.  I wonder if this is the cabin some one is trying to give to the city of Tuscumbia?

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