Warm Winter spell

After snowing this week,  Saturday (2-20) the temperature got up to 64 degrees.  Sunday’s temperature reached 69 degrees. The middle of next week, temps are expected in the 30’s for highs and snowing again.  Next week a major winter storm is predicted.  Despite all the freezing weather my crocus are in full bloom and daffodils are shooting up blooms. Such is the weather in the Tennessee Valley.  The wind was calm so I took time to burn a brush and stump pile.  With all of the rain the section with the larger trees was too wet to burn, so they’ll be tackled another day.

Blackie was digging at a drain basin that is in an area getting a lot of run off from my neighbors place and empties out about 200 feet down the hill into another basin.  When I checked it, some of the bars where broken out and Blackie was blamed for it. She gets destructive when mice, snakes and lizards are involved. When I unscrewed the lid, it was chewed from the inside. I checked the basin at the other end, and it had the same chew marks.  Rats had gotten into the hole at the end and invaded my drain line.  I had planned to run it further down the hill and hadn’t closed up the hole for the pipe going down hill fits into.  It was a big mistake not closing up the hole. I thought maybe snakes might use it to hibernate, not rats.

I put a rat trap in the basin that had the most damage and put a block over it to prevent the dogs from getting into the mean looking trap.  An hour later, Blackie was pawing at the block.  When I lifted up a corner and peeped in, I saw the trap was snapped.  When I took the block off of the basin Blackie jumped in grabbed the rat and took off.  I chased her across the front yard for several minutes until she finally decided to let me have the trap back along with a well chewed rat.  I reset the trap and later Blackie was back pawing at the block. This time I was ready for her or so I thought.  I pushed her back and picked up the block, grabbed the trap. Blackie lunged for the rat and we had a thug of war that the little dog won.  I can’t believe that I lost the battle.   So the chase was on again.  This time we landed up going completely around the house. Poor Levi got his nose bit when Blackie stopped to do some chewing on the rat.   This one was well dead by the time she let me have the trap back.  I’ll get her in the rematch.

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