Blooms of old

I’m ready for spring.  The blue birds are checking out the nesting boxes.   The robins have arrived.  The first of the month will be time to hang hummingbird feeders.  The ruby throat on the header of my blog was one of my visitor’s last year.  I thought I’d share a few of last year’s blooms.   Click on a picture for a larger view. Check back daily for new pictures.

Neal Berry



competitive edge





R. Consolini's Windmill

solom seal variegated

Cajun Rhythm

change of pace

City Slicker

Siloam Irving Hepner

Sir Robert Brandon

Spacecoast Starburst


Sabine Baur

Sabine Baur


snow bird

Pineapple Prince


Trepolo Daf


garden cycalamen

you tell me

cocks comb

Peruvian daff

rain or fairy lily

White Ideal



mount hood

chinese coral

Perfume daf

Professor Einstein


Instant Hit

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5 Responses to Blooms of old

  1. shoalswriter says:

    Mary, you are making me long for spring! Thanks so much for sharing this glimpse of warmer weather.

  2. Grace says:

    Cartree, I agree, These pictures really make me long for warm spring days–listening to the birds sing and the smell of fresh cut grass and flowers blooming.

  3. I agree with you ladies, I’m ready also. It’s supposed to be snowy tonight and turn warm again this weekend. No wonder folks are sick.

  4. affibeken says:

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