Welcome Mats

current mat

My dogs don’t like to put out the front door welcome mat.  I’m not sure how many they have eaten since I first got Patches.  I think she is the ring leader and the other two help in the destructive fun. My floor mat spends more time in the front yard being tugged around than it does on the front porch.  They throw the mat out in the yard, play with it for a while and then lay on the cold concrete porch floor.  You’d think that I’d take the hint that no one’s welcomed here. They make that very clear when anyone comes to the house.

last mat

With my last mat the daily routine was to pick up the remains from the yard and put back in front of the front door.  Finally I got embarrassed for anyone to see it and thought I had found one they couldn’t drag off and play with at Tractor Supply.  It was solid rubber and very heavy.

The first couple of weeks every thing was just fine. I’d come home and the mat was still at the front door. Then one day, it was in the yard.  I put it back and a day or so later it’d be partially off of the porch. So far the mat has lasted longer than expected.

Today we had a rainy, then snowy day. I had scheduled a day off earlier thinking I’d get some yard work done.  The dogs spent most of the day on the front porch knowing I was inside.  I looked outside this afternoon to check on them and Patches had the floor mat in her mouth trying to shake it.  She abruptly dropped the mat when I knocked on the window and ran around the house.  So the mat survives until another day with minimal corner damage.

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