Pain sympathy

When I woke up this morning, I could hear the rain hitting the bottom of the down spout from the gutters.  Great, I took off today to work in the yard   I took off last Tuesday to do the same and it was so cold and dreary I didn’t get out of my jammies.  After breakfast the sun came out a little and radar showed a large clear area above us. Time to move.   I had a second Fringe tree purchased from Little Cypress Natives which needed to be put in the ground so it could enjoy the coming rains. I locked the door and picked up a garden shoe trying to put it on while being jostled by three dogs. I finally picked up both shoes and walked out to the driveway to sit in a chair. Finally minus the dogs in my lap, I got my shoes on. I grabbed my gloves and shovel and started down the hill to my planting spot and stepped in a hole sprained my ankle and socked myself in the chin with the end of the shovel handle. All three sprung into action. As I tried to get to a chair, they almost knocked me down going over board with who was going to give the most sympathy contest.

I sat down in a chair and pulled another up to put my foot up, Patches crawled up in the chair and sat there looking at me. Finally I get her down and propped my foot up and had one crawling over my leg and the other two crawling in my lap. Finally they decided I was okay and two wandered off.   Levi sat down beside me until the pain subsided and followed me the planting area and oversaw that.

Levi at his watch

Dogs are very sensitive to how you feel.  My last dog Casey always knew how I felt.  If I was working in the yard, she could sense when I needed a break whether I wanted one or not.  She would get her ball and drop it in front of me, then bug me by bouncing it in front of me until I decided to play with her. Once I fell off of a ladder and went fist first into a concrete walk. She was lying on top of me just as I hit the ground. Mom finally got her off of me and got me up to take me to the hospital in my truck. Casey jumped in the back of the truck to go with us.  It seems funny now, Mom yelling at her that she couldn’t go and was to stay home.

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