Spring is here! Spring is here!


Spring is here, spring is here!  My daffodils have been putting up shafts that looked like another week off from blooming. Imagine my delight when a couple in bloom greeted me when I got home from work.  I have 86 varieties of known daffodils’ from early bloomers to late blooming  Usually the heirloom varieties dug up from old homesteads in the area are usually the first to bloom. They’ve just started peeping out of the ground. Maybe that’s the reason they’ve survived all these years.  With the cold weather, they’ve stayed dormant longer than usual.


Blooming is a cute miniature daffodil called Tete-a-tete.  It is a solid yellow scented daffodil with reflexed petals and a long cup.  Another is a fluffy looking one of the split-corona called Cassata which has white petals and a lemon-yellow cup

unknown crocus

A nice looking purple crocus is also blooming.  It was a gift from one of the bulb companies I’ve purchased bulbs from.

Time to get the tractors out.  Speaking of tractors here is a link to a Farmall tractor square dance.  These old tractors didn’t have power steering and doing these maneuvers are very difficult.

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