Watering cans

Patches was the first dog I decided to adopt almost year after I put my last rescue Casey to sleep. With my work schedule I decided I really didn’t need another dog. With the spring gardening season, I missed having a dog to interrupt my yard activities and decided to take the dog ownership plunge again.  After having Patches for a few days, I wondered what possessed me to consider another rescue.  I was just too old to undo some horrid owner’s handiwork of abuse. Apparently her last owner tried to train her by beating and yelling at her, and finally dumped her. Even though she was abused, she apparently loved her last owner who must have owned a white pickup.  Whenever she saw a white truck she would just get into a trance like condition and just chase after the truck with all her might.  I would have to drive after her and cut her off with my truck and she would follow me back home. She almost got both of us hit by car one time while I running after her. I considered turning her back in to the rescue several times. Eventually I got her attention with a remote vibrating collar and got it in her head I wasn’t going to hurt her.  She stopped chasing white trucks and stayed by my side while I worked in the yard.

She got interested in dragging or carrying sticks.  I’d be sitting down working on a flower bed and get whacked in the head or poked with a stick that she wanted to play keep away with.  One day Fred the snake living under my house was outside sunning. Patches walked up and decided it was a very good looking stick and tried to pick up the stick by the middle.  Well that stick was too limp, so she decided to drag the stick by the end.  Fred didn’t cotton to having his head pulled on so he reared back and flicked his tongue at her.  Patches decided she didn’t want a stick that fought back.

Patches and water can

Then she discovered my watering can.  I was too busy weeding to notice that she had gotten it until she had pulled the rose off chewed the end of the spout off.  She showed me proudly what she had done by waving it in my face.  I was thankful it was a cheap plastic one that I really didn’t like as it was hard to balance when using.  After that it was her can and she carried around constantly and if I was working on my beds would beat me with it until I threw it for her until she tired.  For some reason, chasing after the bouncing and noisy can was more fun than chasing after a stick.  After while both handles were chewed off and the bottom was hanging by one edge.  When she came battering me with it to throw it for her, the sharp edges were too rough for me to take.  One day when she wasn’t looking, the can landed up missing.

Patches & Soft Soap bottle

A Soft Soap bottle that I used for sprinkling fertilizer became the next play thing.  She would carry it around by the handle. Fearing that it would break into sharp pieces, I finally was able to convince her to swap it for a basketball.

I have  a heavy duty plastic watering can with a removal rose (sprinkle head part) and over the years the plastic has gotten brittle and it has a crack in it. I still use it and get wet every time I tilt it. The new plastic ones do not have a removal rose and they just don’t balance right when using.  I would like one of those metal English Haws cans, but it’s not in the budget right now.

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