Damp, dark, drippy, dreary day gardening chores.

Mockorange before removal

It’s my 3 Tuesday in a row that I’ve taken off to work in the yard and the weather hasn’t co-operated. As Gary Dobbs morning weather guy for Channel 31 in Huntsville says, it’s was a damp, dark, drippy, dreary, and  dismal day.  If I got it wrong I hope he corrects me. The temperature only got up to 50 at my house today and it’s been a damp bone chilling overcast day.

Patches & Blackie checking things out

I tackled my in the wrong place mockorange today.  I dug several smaller plants up and then tackled the remaining ones with the loader on my John Deere.  One I was able to dig out and took down to a sunny area in the lower forty as I call my bottom 3 acres behind the house and dug a hole with the loader and planted it.  Hopefully it is as tough as the little limb it came from years ago.  The ones I couldn’t get to with the loader without crushing nearby azaleas, I hooked a chain to and pulled out.

Blackie Patches & Levi having a break timeThe three hooligans kept converging on the area I was digging in checking for mice and just for the sake of getting in the way. I carried several of the stumps to a burn pile dodging heirloom daffodils along the way.  I still have a pile of limbs and a couple of more stumps to haul yet, but after crushing a couple of the daffs backing away from the pile, I thought I’d wait a while longer to do it.

The mockorange I’ll plant along a pathway to my meditation circle of star magnolia’s with a sugar maple in the middle.  When the maple gets tall enough to shade the area, I’ll put a bench under it.

ready for azaleas

After making a muddy mess of the area and my tractor, I hauled a couple of loads of rotten sawdust in to spread around the remaining hosta and azaleas.  I have five Gibraltar azaleas and several White Christmas hosta that I plan to plant in the area.  They’ll like it much more there than the mockorange did.  It was a chore that I should have been done several years ago, but having the loader made work a whole lot easier.

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4 Responses to Damp, dark, drippy, dreary day gardening chores.

  1. Molly says:

    So Gary is still doing his 5 D forcasts? I think you forgot Dismal. At least you can get on your ground, here it is still so wet I hardly dare walk on it. Dogs look like they are having a good time.

  2. Kay Coley says:

    Enjoy the blog. Look forward to new entries.

    • Got a new computer today. I lost everything on the 500 G hard drive. I had saved some of my pictures to the old drive which was still good. I did loose everything I took after Jan 10. I guess the hard drive must have been going out and that’s what caused an imcompatiblility between the external drive and the computer. When ever I plugged it in to do a back up it locked the computer up. I meant to take it to the shop but couldn’t turn loose of it.

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