Lenton Rose & today’s bloomers

Hellebores, commonly known as Lenton Rose or Christmas rose is not one of my favorite plants.  I like to keep something in bloom all year round and it’s usually the only perennial that It blooms during winter and into early spring.  It has down ward facing blooms which I don’t like in a plant. It likes rich moist organic material filled soil and needs dappled shade in the hot summer.  It blooms poorly in full shade.   One variety that I have is called ‘Red Lady’.   It has a slight upward facing dark red bloom that you can see better than a white variety that I have.  With a colder than normal winter this year, they are blooming several weeks later this year.

Also some of my early daffodils, most unknown dug up from an old home site have started blooming and I’ve included some of them.

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2 Responses to Lenton Rose & today’s bloomers

  1. kat b says:

    Hi Mary–Do you have camellias? They amaze me blooming in the dead of winter. Seems different kinds bloom different times. There is one type by the Smithfield Library that looks like a single white wild rose and has a scent exactly like white clover.

    • I have 2 that bloom later in the spring, Laura Walker a red one and Lady Vansittart, a white with red stripes. They aren’t looking too well color wise after this hard winter we’ve had. I had two winter bloomers in front of the house and the freeze would get the blooms every year, so after 10 years I cut them down.

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