Monday Monday

Beautiful sunny day today.  I was able to work a few hours after work cleaning out knee high grass in my daylily beds.  It was so windy, I couldn’t get newspapers down and mulch, so it was a clean up day only.  Maybe tomorrow the wind will be a little calmer and I can get newspaper down.

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Rest of pictures removed due to space limitation 3-21-11

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2 Responses to Monday Monday

  1. shoalswriter says:

    Mary — gorgeous photos, as always. You amaze me.

  2. Thanks, I’m going to try and let folks build their own calendar this year. Pictures you want to be considered for a calendar, I’ll copy to a folder with that person’s name come Oct or Nov, I’ll e-mail the pics and let them decide which ones for their calendar. I already have the calendar part built for the Tuscumbia calendar, so all I’ll have to do is substitute the pictures.

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