What you missed during the crash

My hard drive that I installed in my computer a yr and half ago crashed.  I haven’t been able to back up for a couple of months,  so I’ve lost most of my pictures from this year.  I had a lot of nice easter  flowers (over 300) that I downloaded from my camera Easter eve just after our last rain and deleted from the camera the night before it crashed.  I had edited and named the ones I kept and lost all.  My garden is in-between  daffodils and iris during the two weeks since the crash.  I have some of the few blooms during that time in the attached slide show.

Yesterday I planted a “Venus” Dogwood and a  ‘Prairie Fire’ Crab Apple.  The ground in the area I planted the Prairie Fire was extremely hard. My neighbor dug a hole with an agar on his tractor and I enlarged it to fit the 5 gallon tree.  I made the mistake of giving Blackie a very  large grub which she is crazy about.  She then climbed in the hole and looking for others  while I tried to finish digging the hole. I hear grubs are good grilled with a little butter. I think the only good grub is a squashed one.  I haven’t used nematodes for the grubs in this area of the yard and Blackie was in hog heaven with all the little delicacies.

If you don’t like the height of the tall bearded iris, the Starwoman and Cat’s Eye iris are an intermediate iris, about half of the height as the tall bearded.

3-1-2011 pictures were  removed due to space limitations

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3 Responses to What you missed during the crash

  1. margba says:

    Hi! Just saw your blog site there in birdsandblooms where I did a hummingbird post “did they arrive at your house lately?” I love your photos here. I wish you’ share some of your pics over in b&b. Also the flowers. I belong to a brand new website started by a b&b member (Thyme4Gardens). A lot of us from b&b are going over there now. Here’s that website address: http://www.calicocountrygardens.com I wish you’d visit us there. If you join let me know cause I wouldn’t know your screen name. I will come visit your blog often now!! Welcome also to birdsandblooms and thanks for posting in my thread!

    • Thanks will do. Now that I got a new computer, my wireless internet went out for over a day. It’s nice when it works, the alternative is dial up. ATT won’t run new lines for DSL. I haven’t been able to copy photos from my blog to B&B. I know it can be done as a couple of folks did it on the gardening forum side. I did a calendar last year at the hospital I work at as a fund raiser for a piece of equipment for Pathology. Hopefully my internet will stay up tonight so I can post pictures. Will visit the website soon. Mary

    • Just wanted to let you know I just joined Calico, user marycar. Thanks for sending me the link.

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