I need a vacation from my vacation

Day 5 of my vacation cleaning up overgrown flower beds, mulching and planting. I’ve already worn the thumb out of a pair of Dickies gloves.  I’ll be ordering a pair of “WomansWork” gloves today. They usually last me a whole season. I planted 5  deciduous azaleas Exbury ‘Gibraltar’, a large R. alabamense Alabama azalea, and a  Rhododendron Consolini’s Windmill and Cinnamon ferns  in the bed that I removed the mockorange from earlier.  (See archived post from last month).  The Gibraltar is a hybrid with very large gorgeous orange red blooms. It’s getting ready to bloom, so I’ll have a picture in a bit.  Patches laid down with one of the Gibraltar’s between her legs looking at it like it was lunch time, so I put tomato cages around all of the shrubs except the alabamense as it was too large.  My dogs have been known on more than one occasssion to pull up a newly planted shrub or tree and shred it over the yard.  One of the times they almost went back to the rescue was when they ate one of my newly planted Japanese maples.  I have some White Christmas hosta to put around the azaleas when I see where the dog routes will be.

Blackie was busy chasing lizards. I haven’t seen one with an intact tail lately.  Hopefullly she’ll leave the down spout on the house alone. She pulled it off one time going after some critter, either a lizard or mouse or snake.  Levi I think is ready for me to go back to work.  He slept in the middle of my azalea bed dead to the world as I worked.   The beds away from the house I use rotten sawdust from a lumber yard, that they charge $25 a load for verus $25 a scoop for the pine bark mulch that I use around the house when I run out of pine needles.  I ride the streets in the fall collecting pine needles that has been put on the curb to go to the landfull.

Included is so of my flowers blooming in the last couple of days.

The ruby throat hummingbirds are back in the area.  I saw a pair on the 13th and haven’t seen any since, but my feeder is almost empty.

3-1-2011 pictures were removed due to space limitations

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2 Responses to I need a vacation from my vacation

  1. Rogers says:

    Wow – these are beautiful

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