Rainy Saturday bloomers

Weatherpersons have been predicting bad weather for this afternoon with possible tornados. Hope everyone stays safe today. I got out this morning before the showers started and took some of newly blooming flowers. It’s just amazing how the iris will open up overnight. I have a few from yesterday included. Yesterday was spent cleaning up flower beds again and mulching with sawdust.
The dogs were close at hand and not very active except when I went to get a scoop of sawdust, then they had to be on top of the pile in the area I was picking up. They like to play king of the hill knocking each other off of the top of the sawdust pile. Levi is a leg puller; he likes to grab Patches by the leg and drag her down. Blackie was most active chasing bumble bees and stealing some of my grass out of the pile in the tractor scoop. Went the rain started yesterday afternoon, I put the tractor up and started closing down the barn doors and she did a double run under one and back out under the other door and watched them both go back up. I meant to make time to plant some corn in the garden, but didn’t get time before the rain started. As weather allows today, I’ll get some started in the greenhouse along with some cucs and crook neck squash and profussion zinnas. I save my toilet paper and kitchen towel rolls, and cut them to about to about 2-3 inches and put them in a tray fill with planting mix and plant my seeds. When the plants get up I’ll plant pot and all into the garden. The paper will decompose and add organic matter into the soil.

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Rest of pictures removed 3-21-11 due to space limitations

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2 Responses to Rainy Saturday bloomers

  1. shoalswriter says:

    Mary — You are such a gardener! In honor of a stormy Saturday, I stayed inside and made honey biscuits, vegetable stock, peanut butter cookies and a big jar of cold-brew coffee.

  2. I love peanut butter cookies. I spent most of the stormy Saturday putting my check book and credit card statements back into my computer for this year. Started not too, but will need it tax time later. Drank a lot of coffee also.

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