Border collies (aka The Hooligans) Sunday adventure

Mom & I went out for lunch and get groceries today. I pulled up in her driveway and started getting the refrigerated stuff out of the cooler and my three hooligans had something cornered up against a retaining wll in the front of my house next door. Thinking it might be one of the neigbors cats since Levi was involved, I walked over and as I got close I saw a snake flying up in the air. Before I could rescue the snake, it was history. Blackie had a hold of it by the middle and was shacking it like a rag doll until Patches pulled it away from her. Then they started playing tug of war with it. I went back to Mom’s house unloaded her groceries and drove home and changed into my garden clothes and grabbed a pair of gloves. Thinking by now they should tired of the chase, but no, Blackie and Patches were still at it. Every time the snake’s tail would flicker, they started again. Finally I was able to get it from the two of them for disposal; oh Levi had retired to the shade of the garage a while back. Last year if Levi saw a snake he headed for the safety of the garage, but I guess there is courage in numbers. I didn’t know Blackie could jump that high as she eventually grabbed the snake and the tug of war started over again.
There was a lot of damage from yesterday’s storms. At one point the wind was so fierce I thought we were in store for a tornado. A few that opened today are shown.

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2 Responses to Border collies (aka The Hooligans) Sunday adventure

  1. Donna says:

    I don’t normally feel sorry for snakes, but that one didn’t stand a chance. Mary, these pictures are unbelievably beautiful!

    • Thank you. Snakes take care of the mice. I have a large chicken snake names Fred who lives under the house. I hope they don’t get him. I don’t kill the non-poisonous ones, just relocate them out to the garden.

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