Corn planting

A few Saturday’s ago some friends and I went to the Jerry Brown Pottery Festival in Hamilton. While there I bought this very nice cobalt blue wren house from Mr. Jerry Brown himself. I hung it close to the house hoping that the wrens would make a nest in it instead of my hanging baskets. It hasn’t been touched yet. Several years ago I hung a wren house in lean to on the back garage only to have a wren make a nest in a bag of fertilizer. This afternoon I was getting some short lengths of pcv pipe out of my garden sink when this wren coming flying out at me, makes a sharp turn and flies to the shed. She has made a nest in the sink underneath my pipes. Since the weather person has predicted 4- 7 inches of rain this weekend into next week, I checked to make sure that the drain was clear so that the nest would be flooded.

I planted 4 short rows of corn in the garden, and placed a row of tomato cages for pickling cucumbers lining one side to detour the three hooligans. They just love freshly tilled soil, and will just ground each other into it to the point of changing color. For those of you with back trouble, I have a 3/4 inch PCV pipe that I cut to a comfortable height, mine is just under the armpit. I open the trench with a hoe and then drop the seeds into the pipe into the trench. After dropping all seeds, I cover the trench back over with the hoe. No bending.
I decided to try something when I planted my cucumbers this time to prevent the cut worms from wiping out my cucs like they did last year during a long rainy spell. I took a toilet paper roll and cut it in half and dug a hole in the soil around the inside of the cages, and set them so that they were sticking half way out of the ground. I then filled them partially with planting mix and put a few seeds in each and filled them the rest of the way with potting soil. I had a lot of trouble finding pickling cucumber seeds this year due to a crop failure of the seed stock. Few seed stores have them.
I bought a new pair of leather gloves this afternoon to replace a worn out pair. Patches just loves new leather gloves and kept trying to sneak off with one. Right after I got her, I had a new pair of gloves and took them off to run into the house a minute. When I got back, one was missing. I retraced my steps and didn’t find it. Another old pair had missing hand still in fair shape, so I had one tan and one blue glove for the rest of the summer. The next spring while digging a hole to plant some flowers I dug up the missing glove. After a year in the ground it was in sad shape.

It’s been extremly windy the last coule of days and some of the newly blooming iris may be a little blurry. It’s supposed to storm tonight and I wanted to get a picture of the new ones. If I can get a better one after the rains, I’ll replace them.

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