Soggy bloomers

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Rainy and stormy days like this is an adventure going outside. I keep my garden shoe outside the back door and all 3 of the hooligans are jocking for a pet position while I’m trying to get my shoes on. You can’t sit on the steps or all 3 are in your lap. I lean over to put my shoes on and Levi starts rubbing on me from his head to his tail, while the other two are trying to kiss me. Finally I get my shoes on and go outside to take pictures until the rain chases me back in. Actually I broke a toe earlier on a furniture leg so it wasn’t much of a chase.
I decided to put all of my potted plants and hanging baskets that have been inside the garage all winter outside. Since storms are forecasted for today I left them sitting in the driveway. They won’t know how to act with a good watering. Something they haven’t gotten all winter.
I also got some flower seeds started in the greenhouse.

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