Out of control plants

 I don’t know how many plants I’ve purchased over the years that after the first year it became obvious that they were aggressive spreaders. One example that comes to mind was St. John’s Wort an herbsome say is  useful for depression.  I purchased 3 one gallon containers due to the beautiful yellow blooms, only to have it take over a bed behind the house. I’m glad that I put it in a raised bed, as it took over the bed, choking out the other plants that were in the bed. Since it was in a contained area, it was easier to get rid of than if it was free.  Other plants that come to mind is mint and oregano.  Knowing that these would take over, I planted both in a five gallon container sunk half way in the ground, only to have them come out the bottom holes and take over. 

 One plant that I purchased last year was a hybrid Evening primrose ‘Twilight’ similar to the native growing along highways.  I have the native white variety  doing an intentional  takeover a few of my beds.  You can see from the picture of ‘Twilight’ how it spread from a small pot in less than a year to an area almost three feet in circumference.   I think there should be an aggress rating required on plants sold in a nursery.

We had almost 3 inches of rain this weekend.  My iris were in full bloom and most now are a  blob similar to that old movie by that name.   I have a few that I took this afternoon and Sunday morning before the storm hit.

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