Blooms for Mother’s Day

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NOTE***some of these photos were deleted 4-27-11 due to space limitations.

I planned to do a full day of mowing, but the hooligans had other ideas. As I drove down to the lower 40, I noticed some of my iris laying out in the yard, a mouse hunting casuality. I planned to separate and move  it when it was finished blooming.  I took the pieces and repotted them until moving day.  Cleaning up the flags I found a snake skin in a compost box I keep on the property line between Mom and my place. I guess the word is out about the snake killers and the box was the only safe place to shed. I’ll have to be on the look out for it when I clean out the finished compost.  After planting corn I put tomato cages up one side & planted cucumbers in them to detour the dogs. I should have put some on the end to keep me from driving through with my tractor. Corn just starting to come up and I drive through the middle of it going to the other side of the garden to mow.

I went to the Tuscumbia Co-op to get a bolt for my finishing mower and found some really nice hanging baskets, and bought one for Mom and oh course  just had to have one for myself also.  Well actually two.   The iris are just about finished for the season, except the rebloomers which will be back in September.  I notice a daylily with buds that should be blooming within a week.

The Zerbra variegata iris has  a non descript iris bloom;  it’s main claim is it’s variegated foliage

The iris are just about finished and the dayliliesare getting ready. I noticed a daylily today that should be blooming within a week.

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms.  I guess I can expect a dead rat from my kids.

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  1. hi wats your myspace page

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