Dog days of summer

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The hooligans have been miserable the last couple of days with the heat and humidity, and it’s only spring. I’ll need to get all of them shaved soon now that it’s warmed up.  Marla a friend of mine has a stable and she loaded a load of shaving from the stalls into her dump trailer. After we hauled it to my house, a lot of the shavings wouldn’t slid out of the trailer despite several forward and backwards rocking, so we took turns forking it out. Both of us were very aromatic by the time we got finished unloading.   

When Marla first got out of my truck she was tackled by Patches.  I have fed them food with glucosamine and chondriotin sulfate, plus Patches gets a biscuit for joint health when I retire into the house in the evening.  She has a back injury inflicted by her last owner, and it’s really made a difference in her mobility and personality. She’s feels better and is actually playing with Blackie and Levi now plus now tackling visitors.

After I took Marla and her trailer back home, my three kept near all afternoon. I don’t know if it’s due to the storm forecast for later tonight or if it was due to the horse smell on me.

I have some late blooming iris pictures tonight, plus the oriental lilies are starting to bloom a little early this year.  Most Oriental and Asiatic lilies will get up to 4-6 feet in height. Some dwarf varieties are available.  I have one called Tiny Ghost that only gets up to a foot in height and has a dark red bloom. I thought it had died over the winter, so I bought another one and when digging in last years planting area  I found the bulb in very good shape, but for some reason still dormant. Now I have a pair.  In one of the pictures you will see a mass planting of coreopsis.  I started out with one of two plants of it plus a Gaillardia (blanket flower).  Both reseed readily, plus the gold finches just love them and cone flowers and help to spread all. I tend to let things stay in a bed if they make an effort to come up.  Profusion zinnias are another that will reseed and come back the next year.  I have several coming up in the flower beds that look a lot better than the ones in the greenhouse.  I had to replant several of my seeds in the greenhouse this year as mice got into my containers and ate the seeds.  I gave the mice some nice little green pellets to eat in the mean time.

With the rain coming, I got my corn and cucumbers mulched. Oh my report on planting the cuc seeds in toilet paper rolls to keep the cut worms at bay. The other day I notices several of the rolls out in the yard and garden.  The half roll partly in the ground made a nice bowl for the deer or this large groundhog that lives in the dry creek, or maybe one of the hooligans to just pluck out of the ground.  I didn’t see any potting soil or plants anywhere, so maybe it was critters that got them. Since I over planted, I still have a good mess growing in the tomato cages.  After mulching I got a couple of the Cherokee Purple and a Black Prince heirloom tomatoes in the ground.  The Black Prince is a new one for me this year. It already had a couple of small tomatoes on it. Patches sat on it before I could get wheat straw and cages  around them.  She didn’t break it so I think it will be okay.

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