Mulching tip, changing batteries

You’re planting flowers and shrubs, then you plan to mulch.  A tip to make mulching easier, turn the empty container the plant came out of upside down and put over the plant.  Then pour on the mulch and spread to about 3-4 inches. When finished pull off the container, and fluff. Done

I also like to put newspaper  down before putting down the mulch. It helps prevent grass & weeds from germinating and breaks down to add organice matter to the soil.  

Patches was getting closer and closer to the boundary of the underground fence. I knew it had been a while since the batteries were changed in her collar.  I got a new battery, screwdriver and leash.  I made the mistake of letting her see the leash and she wasn’t going let me anywhere near her neck. So I did other things such as getting the mail, and watering  the plants in plants in the greenhouse.   I took the mail in the house and picked up the key to the barn. Oh she got so excited and I seized the moment to get a hold of her collar and put the leash on her and hooked it over the trailer hitch on my truck. After I took the fence collar off, she just laid there looking at me so disgusted while I changed the battery.  You see I made the mistake of taking it off one time without tying her up and she would not let me catch her to put the collar back on. She knows that collar is to keep her in and she wasn’t about to have any part of it.  She would come and let me touch her nose, but that’s as close as I could get.   I had to call Mom and have her come over and grab her collar.

The daylilies have started blooming as well as the Japanese iris, and oriental lilies. One called Tiny Ghost only gets 1 foot tall compared to it bigger relatives which can get up to 6 feet tall.

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