I didn’t get what I ordered!!

One of my pet peeves is ordering something through the mail and then finding out the next year or later that it’s not what you ordered.  I’ve learned over the years not to trust the “Garden in a Box” discount or home improvement stores if the plant isn’t blooming. I recently purchased several Encore ‘Autumn Twist’ azalea for the west end of the house. One wasn’t blooming yet and when it did it was obvious it wasn’t an ‘Autumn Twist’  as it was a solid purple color.  I took it back to the store still in bloom, only to be asked by the clerk if it was defective. Well yes it’s not what on the label.  So what’s the problem he kept asking? It’s not the plant on the label. I need all of them to be this pink, white swirl. Finally I got my money back and picked another one in bloom.  Last week I purchased some new varieties of Tango lilies in full bloom and they matched the picture on the label (pictures below).

What do you do when you’ve ordered something from a mail order nursery?  I’ll send them pictures of what I got versus what I ordered and if they are reputable and care about customer service, they’ll replace it.  Three years ago I purchased a peony called ‘Gay Paree’ which is a combination of cherry-rose guard petal surrounding a tufted center of creamy-white to shell pink interspersed.  Peonies normally won’t bloom for a couple of years when transplanted.  It cost over $20, and finally bloomed this year and it was a pink one similar to one I have from my Grandmother.   I sent a picture of it to customer service a couple of weeks back and have yet to hear from the company. I’ve had issues with other bulbs in that shipment not being as labeled and discovered it shortly after receipt and they either replaced it or issued a credit.  I’ll let a company have one issue of mislabeling; things happen. If they correct it, I’ll order again. Second time they are history.  Some times I’ve gotten a pleasant surprise.  I ordered a Venus dogwood last year and received a Venus Sweetshrub. It turned out to be a nice addition to my garden.  I was able to order the Venus dogwood from Little Cypress Natives in Florence this year. Harry picked up two, so I got both of them. The blooms are very large and rounded.  Another surprise was when I ordered a Centerfold lily, one turned our to be what looks like a Tango lily.  I only asked the company to tell me what they sent and they responded look on the internet. Since it’s not the first time of mislabeling, they’ve lost my business.

Companies that I’ve ordered from and have always received what I’ve ordered include Schreiners iris gardens in Oregon, Iris City Gardens in Nashville, Brent & Becky’s bulbs,  Bluestone Perennials, Marietta Daylily Gardens in NC. My gardening forums also recommend  High Country Gardens and Sooners Plant Farm.  I know there are others, but these are ones, I’ve had experience with and will take care of any problems.

The weatherlady said it was going to be humid today, after the sun came out around 11, boy was she  right. Levi and Blackie were playing chase, and afer the sun came out, he hid under my truck in the garage to get away from Blackie. She doesn’t know when to stop. She’s like the Energizer bunny, just keeps on going.  I took some pictures of some of my new plants blooming this morning and they are included in this post. I took a picture of the Fruit Surprise daylily and later I noticed the Salmon Pride Lilium close by, went to get my camera again, and found the Fruit Surprise bloom half eaten on the ground. One of the hooligans strikes again!  I also had another daylily, first bloom of the season half eaten. I may blame that one on deer maybe. It probably would have eaten the whole bloom reckon?

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