Dogs and kids, same trouble

Yesterday I went out to the greenhouse to make up some potting soil for some hanging baskets. Blackie shot in when I opened the door.  She thinks that she’s supposed to go everywhere I go especially if it involves something off limits to her.   I had put some mice poison in the greenhouse for the mice that were eating my seeds up, so the greenhouse was off limits. Normally I set traps out, and use the bait under the house when Fred (7 ft long pest controller) is hibernating, but judging from the amount of damage, it looked like I had a colony of them. I threw one on the ground under the shelves and put another up on the shelf on a platter for the varmints a few weeks ago.  I went in after her asked Blackie to come out and repeated myself several times as she made the rounds inside the greenhouse. She finally came to the door wanting out and at the time I thought this was too easy, no arguments this time.

When I came out of the greenhouse, I spotted the remains of the Havoc bag and called the veterinarian and made her an appointment to start her on vitamin K which she gets to take for three weeks.  I don’t think much was left in the bag as I got a good look at her mouth when I let her out and didn’t see anything. When full it’s a good size bag.

I’ve been looking for my garden gloves for a couple of days. I know at one time they were on the tractor, along with my Arizona Energy herbal tonic which also disappeared after going under a tree.  I found the remains of the drink right away and spent a good portion of time picking up pieces of glass in the area where I mowed over it.  The gloves however were another matter.  I spent a couple of days looking for them to no avail. I figured “Miss Patches how I love new leather gloves” had found them and buried them somewhere. After making Blackie’s appointment I had a couple of hours, so I decided to finish mowing and look for my gloves.  I made a round down along the creek and started back up on the inside of the underground fence, and there they were on the other side of the fence right smack dab in the middle where I had just mowed. The right one was semi okay, the left one was minus the index finger and half of the middle finger. I decided I could start a new fad or try to get both fingers in the middle finger of the glove.  I have a brand new glove that was the mate to the one that Patches took off with; the only problem it’s a glove for the right hand, and the damaged one is for the left hand. So now I have two good right hand gloves.  While riding around on my tractor, the wind goes up the missing finger and cools the hand.

Daylilies and liliums are starting to bloom. Attached are some of my new bloomers for today. Enjoy.

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