Dog sympathy

Monday is Memorial Day. While you are going to the lake or barbecuing, please remember our soldiers in the Middle East and thank them for keeping us free.  Below is a link for a speech Colonel Oliver North gave at an NRA meeting. He did a wonderful job explaining exactly what our troops are going through to keep us safe.  It brought tears to my eyes.

 Yesterday while taking pictures on top of a berm, I stepped in a mouse hunting hole. I tried to trot down the hill without falling, but landed up turning an ankle, knee (you can sprain an artificial knee I found out) , and shoulder. After falling, Levi lay down across my legs and Patches and Blackie were licking my face.  It reminded me of the time I did a Superwoman from a ladder into a concrete walk. Casey, my last dog was lying on top of me and Mom had trouble getting her off of me so we could go to the emergency room. 

Dog just know if something is troubling you. Afterwards I received some disturbing news in the mail about some radiology tests I had before my Montgomery trip. All three stayed near by all day, not leaving my side while I was working in the garden.  After the sun came out and dried the grass a little I got the John Deere out and mowed grass until supper. When I backed the tractor into the barn and turned the motor off, Levi jumped up in my lap licking me in the face. Now getting a 52 pound dog and your self off of the top of a tractor without killing one of both is a very tricky job.

I took part of today’s pictures this morning and a few after this afternoon’s showers.  I couldn’t figure out why my camera was sinking so. Then I remembered the collie that showed up at the neighbors. I had taken pictures of him to send in to a collie rescue and then picked ticks out of his ears. Some where in his lost wanderings, he met a skunk and didn’t smell good at all.  He’s a very sweet mild-mannered guy, and seems to be older.  The shelter is just on the other side of highway 43, and I suspect that someone decided that he had gotten too old to keep and dumped him in the driveway of the shelter.

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