Memorial Day

Memorial Day, a day to remember all those men and woman who sacrificed their lives for our country.

We had more rain early this morning. I worked on weeding some of the front flower beds. The nut grass pulls out easily in a well mulched flower bed.  I have a large stack that I’ll let dry out well before adding to the compost pile. After the sun came out, I finished mowing the lower 40. Water was standing in a few spots, so I was glad I had a four-wheel drive tractor. When I put the tractor up, Levi was going to jump up in my lap again. When I told him I don’t think so, he started barking at me fussing. Blackie is still fine and is working on digging a hole under the greenhouse chasing mice along with Patches. I meant to check the lilies where they are digging to see if  anything is dug up. They gets destructive when  after mice. I got the riding mower out and mowed the front and back yards, and afterwards worked on pulling more nut grass.  Seems like the more you pull up the more you get. 

There were several new daylilies in bloom this morning.  A few were too melted by the rain, so maybe tomorrow. You’ll notice one daylily with Crimson in the name. It’s and the Crimson Snow iris are in the furthermost bed away from the house.

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