Hast makes waste. There are times when you try to do things in a rush; you just land up creating more work for yourself. Memorial Day afternoon was one of those days. With all the rain, I decided to mow all 3 and half acres. I got the riding mower out and mowed the front and back, bagging up the grass clippings and hauling load after load to the compost pile. Then I got the tractor out to mow the lower 40. Part of the lower 40 had standing water, and I was thankful I had a 4WD tractor. In a rush I backed up against the property line and under trees along the creek to trim all the weeds.

Well to get to the gist of the story; when I backed up to the property line flower bed with the finishing mower, I had it a little too low and I cut out a part of the ground along with the wireless fence.  I spent an hour the next day walking the fence looking for a break. So in my rush I landed up creating more work for myself. For some reason, the controller box is not alarming when there is a break.  Checking the Petsafe website trouble shooting sections it looks like I’ll need to replace it or the surge protector.

Ever since I got back from my Montgomery trip Friday, my three have been very clingy, and under foot.  This morning all 3 were at home. When I went to the mailbox to get the paper, Blackie rushed into the garage and was after some critter and refused to come out when I backed my truck out.  Apparently Patches and Levi with the fence not working decided to follow me to work yesterday. On the way back home they passed the NW herding dog rescue and Karen locked them up in a pen. When she went to work Patches stood up peering through the storm door with a look of terror on her face like “you not going to leave me in here are you?”  In the mean time Blackie stayed home to protect the house and wouldn’t let anyone in the driveway. One of my neighbors said she made it very clear that she wasn’t welcomed. After I got home from work I went by to pick them up and the look of relief on their faces. I wonder if after 8 hours they were beginning to wonder if they weren’t going home. After the two got home, they flopped down in the driveway and didn’t budge until it was time to eat. Hopefully they’ve learned a lesson not to leave home.

The rainy weather has been rough on the daylily blooms; they just melt in the rain.  One thing I would like to point out about larkspur, they re-seed very readily.  Just a couple of plants multiple 100X in just a year.  The coreoposis and blanket flowers pictured in an earlier post also have a population explosion once planted. The gold finches just love them and help spread them across your property.

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