Daylilies and rainy weather

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Rest of pictures removed 3-21-11 due to space limitations

Rain is good for the growth of daylilies, however it is not good for blooms. Today’s torrential rains just melted and shredded every bloom, but tomorrow is another day for new blooms. All of tonight’s pictures were taken yesterday afternoon. We only have a slight chance of rain tomorrow so more should be in first bloom.  I have over 450 varieties.  I once had some one ask me how to extend the life of a daylily bloom. I responded why do you think day is part of the name?  Maybe with all the hybridizing going on that is coming.

The daylilies that I have de-weeded, put a time released fertilizer around, a  6-8 page layer of  newspaper and a 3-4 inch layer of mulch have just been outstanding.  The ones I haven’t gotten to cleaning and mulching aren’t producing as well even though they were fed.  The beds that I used the several layers of newspaper under the mulch seem to be controlling the nut grass better. That which does comes through the paper is a lot easier to pull up and discard.

The dogs looked like drowned rats when I got home. Levi has this thing that he wants to rub on me from head to toe when I get out of the truck and today was no exception.  At first I thought he was just trying to put his scent on me, but he seems to more intent on doing it when wet. My guess he’s just trying to dry off.   Blackie is still doing great and  is about half way through her vitamin K treatment.  Patches is still staying close to the house after her short-lived great escape.  Tomorrow I’ll try some of the tests Petsafe suggested to see if the surge protector or the unit is bad.

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