Daylilies more out there than Stella De Ora

Stella De Ora’ those yellow daylilies you see everywhere  like the Bradford pear trees I discussed in an earlier post are so plain Jane.  With the advances in hybridization there are literally thousands of registered daylilies from singles to doubles, spider and unusual forms, tall and short. The earlier daylilies only bloomed a single time for a couple of weeks. With the introduction of the Stella’s the rebloomers were born.   I admit I have a couple of Stella’s just to inflate the 450 plus varieties I have. After I made a trip out to the Rabbit’s Patch Daylily Garden in Florence, AL, I found out that there was more in the daylily world. As luck would have it the city of Tuscumbia was looking for Stella’s for streetscapes downtown, so I have them 8 dozen clumps and kept the two clumps which soon will be eliminated from my listing plus one of two more.

I spent over an hour this morning out with the camera. Since I hear thunder, I’ll save some for tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Daylilies more out there than Stella De Ora

  1. Paul Bourret says:

    I agree completely on the Stella’s. Why have the same plant in my garden that I can see at every strip mall and mega-mart in America. There is so much more variety out there.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. If you see anything that is not labeled correctly please let me know. I don’t like to spread mis-information. I’ve had to eliminate several that I got out of Missouri from GW that wasn’t as labeled. Mary

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