Levi the protector of ?

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NOTE*** some of photos were deleted 4-27-11 due to space limitations.

Sunday, Jessica brought over the collie that showed up at her house for a visit along with Ellie Mae the Golden retriever her husband picked up.  The collie is an older male, very nice temperament, just as sweet as he can be. No one has put an ad in the paper yet or contacted the shelter so I think they just dumped an old dog that they didn’t want to deal with any longer.  Levi was cool with the collie visiting until my Mother came out her back door. Then Mr. Macho sprung into protection mode, snapping at Lassie (if you give an animal a name, they aren’t going anywhere).  Until Mom went back to her house, Levi watched every move Lassie made and occasionally would charge him and snap at him. I couldn’t figure out why he was cool with Lassie being around me, but not with Mom and myself?

Spent Monday afternoon putting down newspaper and mulching some of the daylily beds I had cleaned earlier. It’s been slow going getting them cleaned this year with all the rain.

Today’s pictures continue from my last post.   I have several hundred taken just in the last couple of  days, so I’ll have enough to post a while.  Half of the daylilies are yet to bloom.

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